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Quarantine Over & Need Sanitizing?

If you just finished or are about to finish your Covid quarantine... then it's time to get your home sanitized! Give yourself and those you share a home with peace of mind that your home is completely cleaned and sanitized and ready to be lived in without the fear of reinfection.

Steri-Clean, Inc.® is prepared nationwide to respond to any Coronavirus outbreak exposure. We specialize in restoring safety to dangerous scenes which involve blood, infectious diseases, bloodborne pathogens, illness outbreaks, and more.

Our biohazard cleanup services are utilized across the country by homeowners, renters, hotels, business owners, and government agencies.

The Nations Leading Biohazard & Infection Control Experts Since 1995

Professional. Experienced. Discreet.

Give Steri-Clean a call today!

(888) 577-7206

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